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trisense irradiance sensor
Genral Information
Mode of operation A silicon solar cell can be used as an irradiance sensor, because the short-circuit current is proportional to the irradiance. Our sensors are build out of a monocrystalline Si solar cell connected to a shunt. Due to the low resistance of the shunt the cell operates next to short-circuit. To minimize influences of temperature to the measuring signal all of our sensors have an active temperature compensation via a temperature sensor laminated to the back surface of the solar cell.
All sensors are calibrated in artificial sunlight against a reference cell calibrated at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, National Metrolo gy Institute of Germany).



General Information
Solar cell Monocrystalline silicon(50 mm x 33 mm)
Electrical Connection 3 m shielded cable
Oprating temperature –35°C to 80°C
Load impedance for Si-V-1.5TC-batt minimal 1 MΩ
Load impedance for Si-V-1.5TC and -TC-T, Si-V-10TC and -TC-T min. 10 MΩ
Load impedance for Si-I-420TC and -TC-T Minimal 20 Ω and maximal 400 Ω
 Case, Protection mode  Power-coated aluminium, IP 65
 Dimension, Weight  155mm x 85 mm x 39mm, approx. 350 to 470 g
 Protocol MODBUS RTU (type – MB)
 Interface  RS485 up to 38.4 kBaud
 Galvanic isolation  1.000 V between power supply and bus


Technical Data
Sensor Model Power Supply
Current Consumption
 Irradiance Cell Temperature
Irradiance, Cell Temperature,
Ambient Temperature (sensor
firmly connected with 3 m cable)
 24 V DC (12 to 28 V DC)
typic 25 mA
0 to 1,500 W/m²
-40° to +90° C
Irradiance, Cell Temperature,
Accessories: External Temperature
Wind Speed
  24 V DC (12 to 28 V DC)
typic 25 mA
0 to 1,500 W/m²
-40° to +90° C


Accessories for TRISense IR-MOD-T-Ta-W
 TRISense Ta-IR-, Ambient temperature sensor in stainless steel sleeve
with 3 m cable and connector (IP67)
 Measuring range: -40 to +90°C
 Tmodul-Si, Module temperature sensor in aluminium block
with 3 m cable and connector (IP67)
 Measuring range: -40 to +90°C
 Vwind-Si, Wind speed sensor with 5 m cable and connector
 Measuring range: 0.9 to 40 m/s


TRISense Ta-IR

External Temperature Sensor for TRISense IR-MOD-T-Ta-W
external temperature sensor
 Sensor type  Pt1000 1/3 class B
 Temperature range  -40…+85°C
 Sensor housing  INOX steel tube, 6 mm diameter, 50 mm length
 Cable  3 m LiYC11Y, 4 x AWG 26, black, weather and uv-resistant
 Connector  Binder connector series 712
 Protection  IP67
 Pin assignment  Pin 1 – Pt1000
Pin 2 – Pt1000
Pin 3 – cable shield, isolated to INOX steel tube



Wind speed Sensor for TRISense IR-MOD-T-Ta-W
wind speed sensor
 Sensor type Cup star anemometer
Signal Reed relais, 2.5 Hz/(m/s)
Range 0.9…40 m/s (60 m/s for short time)
Accuracy 0.5 m/s or 5% of reading
Cable 5 m LiYC11Y, 4 x AWG 26, black, weather and uv-resistant
Connector Binder connector series 712
 Pin assignment  Pin 1 – Reed relais
Pin 2 – Reed relais