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30 MM Series

30mm CS CAM series switch

CS CAM Switch Series
The CS series of cam switches offer the ultimate in selector switch flexibility. Available up to 12 positions, with up to 20 contacts they can meet almost any selection need. Choose from four different detent angles. Staggered screw terminals allow for easy wiring, and a large variety of handle styles are available (including key operated) to satisfy almost any demand either aesthetic or functional. Standard contact configurations are available, but customization is what cam switches are all about.


30mm ARN series switch

ARN Series
The ARN series of mono-lever switches are an ideal solution for such applications as table or tool X-Y positioning. These switches mount into a standard 30mm round panel cutout and offer up to four directions of control. Three styles of handle include the standard lever, a short lever that helps prevent person from bumping into it, and an interlocking lever that requires an operator to deliberately pull on a release mechanism before activating the switch. Lever action can be maintained or momentary (spring return) in any combination. Typical applications include tool positioning and security camera control (tilt and pan).


30mm TWTD series switch

The rugged “full size” TWTD series pushbuttons offer both variety and durability in an attractive design. With NEMA style mounting, which features a chrome plated locking ring that screws onto a die cast zinc body, stripped threads are now a thing of the past. Contacts screw on and feature clear inspection windows for monitoring contact surface condition. All units include over 1/4″ of rubber gaskets and an unbreakable steel anti-rotation ring for use in notched panel cutouts. Models include illuminated and non-illuminated push buttons, pilot lights, selectors, key switches, and Emergency Stop switches. Button sizes are available up to 2-9/16″ (65mm) in diameter.