Balance of Systems

String Monitoring Device

Tricheck (Isolated-Shunt based String Monitoring Device)

Optimize your PV power plants performance with our TRICHECK isolated-shunt based string monitoring device which measures string currents and voltages and transfer them to the SCADA through MODBUS communication protocol over an RS485 network. The shunt resistors used offer better accuracy and reliability in current measurement. The TRICHECK comes in 8, 16 & 24 channel cards making it suitable for a wide range of string configurations.


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 8/16/24 input channels for current.
  1 input channel for voltage.
  2 digital inputs.
 2 analog inputs.
  RS 485 interface.
 DIN EN mounting rail or wall mounting.




Power Board Modular

Power Board Modular
Input Current
Number of strings 8/16/24
Measuring Range/Strings For 8/16 String -30A
For 24 String -22A
Measuring Side Negative
Accuracy 0.25% at FSD
Measuring Voltage
Measuring Range 0-1500V DC
Operating Temperature
-10°C to +70°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) For 8/16 String – 215x126x100 mm
mm For 24 String – 305x126x100 mm
Installation EN DIN Mounting rail


Controller Board Modular

Controller Board Modular
Power Supply
Voltage 24V DC
Power Consumption <3W
Number 1
Measuring Range 0°C-100°C
Number 2
Type PT 100
Measuring Range 0°C – +90°C
Digital Input
Number 2
Type Status
Analog Input
Number 2
Type 1 Current Input (0-20mA)
1Voltage Input (0-10 V)