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PV FUSE LINK PV10 (Photovoltaic Application)

Cylindrical fuse links with thePV10 Series designed & developed for the protection of Photovoltaic application of 1500V DC systems. This PV10 fuse link provides protection against thermal overload & short circuit. Recommendable with TT15PVFH32 fuse holders

Features / Benefits
  • Low overloading protection capacity of 1.35 times the fuse link rated current.
  • Excellent electric performance, quick protection for PV system, cut do wn the fault current of the system.
  • Fuse link tube material: Melamine , withstand high internal pressure & thermal shock hence high breaking capacity
  • PV combiner boxes / Array Junction boxes.
  • PV string / Array level protection.
  • Inverters.
  • Battery Charge Controllers.
  • UL 248-19
  • IEC 60269-6
  • RoHS


Technical Description
Rated Current 1 – 32A DC
Rated Voltage 1500V DC
Interrupting Rating 20 kA (UL248-19)  50 kA (IEC 60269-6)
Class of Operation gPV
Size 10 x 85