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Industrial Plug & Socket

Industrial Plug and Sockets

Trinity Make Industrial Plugs and Sockets are CE certified products and made of High Quality Raw material; ensure the Maximum Protection even in very humid and corrosive environments. A high Performing Thermoplastic material ensure the use in any aggressive environment. Trinity Plugs and Sockets are available in two Category Splash Proof and Watertight. With Highly Impact Resistance, High Thermal Stability and High Insulated Qualities.

Industrial Plugs


Industrial Plugs are Made of High Quality Raw Material, Plugs are designed as per IEC 60 309-1, and IEC 60309-2. Our Industrial Plug Range starts from 16 Amp to 63 Amp in IP 44 and up to 125 Amp in IP67 Rating


Industrial Panel Sockets


Panel Mounted Sockets are designed as per IEC 60 309-1, and IEC 60309-2.and available in two categories straight and angled. Panels Sockets are designed to use in many places like Distribution boards, Panels, AC box etc. Panel Sockets Range Starts from 16 Amp to 63 Amp in IP 44 and up to 125 Amp in IP67 rating.


Industrial Wall Socket


Trinity Wall Socket are Made of High quality material, it is used to mount on wall directly, Wall Sockets Range Starts from 16 Amp and go upto to 63 Amp in IP 44 and upto 125 Amp in IP 67 rating.




Trinity Connector are designed as per IEC 60 309-1, and IEC 60 309-2. Connector are used as moving sockets, it is used when mounting arrangement is not fixed for socket application, Connectors are available in both IP 44 and IP 67 Categories starting from 16 amp to 125 Amp.


Interlock Unit


Interlock Sockets are used to prevent electrical arcing, when heavy equipment’s are connected to this. Interlock Socket are available in different ratings stats form 16 amp to 125 amp in IP 44 and IP 67.


Wall & Panel Inlet


Wall/Panel mounted inlet highly heat resistant contact carrier, Inlet are available form 16 Amp to 125 Amp rating


Schuko Plug & Socket


Schuko Plug & Sockets are available in 16 amp, 2-pin combination in IP 54 rating. This is used in domestic as well industrial applications.