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Saint Elme Active-2D

Saint Elme Active 2 D Lightning Conductors

Saint Elme Active 2 D Lightning Conductors
A first device, named “impulse device” stores the electrostatic energy present in the atmosphere at the approach of a stormy cloud and releases the excitation of the ascending discharge at the right time.A second device, named “power device”, collects and stores the wind and / or the solar energy in several strong power capacitors. The Saint Elme Active 2 D lightning conductors is in this way permanently pre-loaded of an important energy which enables him to support the propagation of the ascendant tracer.

Close to the storm activity, an integrated sensor measuring the surrounding electric field value, releases the impulse device like most of usual Earlu Streamer Emission systems. Those lightning conductors almost immediately reverse the polarity of their head, creating a sudden amplification of the electrical field.The innovation of “Saint-Elme Active 2 D” Lightning conductor comes from the use of a second integrated sensor which measures the intensity of the electric discharge current, which is formed on the lightning conductor’s head. When the downward leader enters in the protection area of the lightning conductor, the measured current strongly increases. As soon as this current is higher than the characteristic threshold, the power capacitors discharge and release the necessary energy for the propagation of the leader.In this last device, the lightning conductor’s head acts as a capture device. Therefore, the head is electrically insulated from the ground.


• Take in account the energetic information to choose the tracer which can become an ascending tracer
• Maintain the propagation of the tracer by discharge of the power device.
• Source of energy autonomous and clean
• Solar or wind energy for the “power device”
• Atmospheric electrical field for the “impulse device”
• Consider the cloud polarity.
• Radius of curve of the head optimize to reduce the corona effect and guarantee the excitation device.
• Protection of the electrical part against the rain with a dimensioned flange.
• High quality materials, esthetical.
• Use of stainless steel to resist against corrosion.


Saint Elme Active 2 D Lightning Conductors Test

The Saint-Elme Active 2D lightning conductor was tested in the high voltage laboratory Bazet (CEB) in compliance with the NFC 17-102 standard and is subject of tests campaign in situ.The Saint-Elme Active 2D lightning conductor’s exitation advance device has been determinated comparing to a rod of reference obtained in short-circuiting the double device of this lightning conductor.SAINT-ELME ACTIVE 2D LIGHTNING CONDUCTOR REMOTE CONTROL TESTERAFV 0100 TT
The Saint-Elme Active 2D lightning conductor can be tested on site, with its remote control tester (initial checking, periodic checking in compliance with NFC 17-102 and decrees in force, maintenance,…)

Simple and fast, the test does not require any particular operation of dismounting of the lightning conductor and can be done safety from the ground.