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8 MM Series

8mm series switches pilot devices

The A8 and AP series of switches and pilot devices offer the extreme in space savings. With only an 8mm panel cutout, they are ideal for high density or very small control panels such as hand held devices.


16 MM Series

16mm series switches pilot devices

With a choice of metallic or black plastic bezels, and flush or standard mounting, our newest 16mm switches add style and safety to any application with a series of LB, A6 and L6 . Available in illuminated push buttons, push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches, key selector switches, illuminated selectors, etc.


22 MM Series

22mm series switches pilot devices

IDEC offers its internationally rated 22mm push buttons and pilot devices, the HW, LB,YW, CW and TW series. These IEC style devices feature tamper proof mounting and construction, modular stack able contact blocks with IP20 and IP65 finger safe screw terminals, and pure silver contacts with a self cleaning action.


30 MM Series

30mm series switches pilot devices

It includes CS CAM Switch, ARN Toggle Switch and TWTD series of switches offer the ultimate in selector switch flexibility. Available up to 12 positions, with up to 20 contacts they can meet almost any selection need. This Switches are w ith NEMA style mounting, which features a chrome plated locking ring that screws onto a die cast zinc body, stripped threads are now a thing of the past.