EV Solutions

Trinity Touch has been in the renewables field for over a decade. With vast experience in both Wind and Solar power. We are your partner that understands the zero emission environment. The challenges faced in swapping from carbon based fuels to renewable energy has unique challenges. We are experienced in handling those challenges and would urge you to get in touch with us.

At Trinity Touch we provide a service to turn your requirement into a prototype and the prototype into a bullet proof solution..
We have experience in making many different forms of solutions including:

  • Power Distribution Unit
  • Switching Station – High Voltage
  • Connection Boxes for Charging
  • Connection Boxes for PCB housing
  • HVAC Control Box
  • Auxiliary Control Box
  • And many others

With over 15 years experience in solution building we are your perfect partner for all your EV solution needs.
Our services include:

  • Converting BOM into drawing
  • Converting drawings into BOM
  • Sourcing
  • Testing

Power Distribution Unit

Trinity Touch has a rich experience in manufacturing of power distribution box for industrial application. We have a dedicated skilled technical engineering team for PDU designing as per customer requirement.
PDU supports function converting and power distribution to every systematic unit such as motor, Motor controller, Battery management system, Charging system, DC to DC system, Air conditioning system, Electric steering auxiliary unit and Brake system.

Functional Description

Power distribution: Busbar component design, Fast heat dissipation, High energy transmission efficiency
Power distribution protection: Protection with fuse, Electric living parts separated with insulation material, BMS
Power distribution control: Power distribution control realized by high voltage relay, It make energy distribution
more reliability and safety
Current & Voltage data collection: Collector, Auxiliary equipment use more safety
Pre-charge: Power resistance, Anti surge, Pulse
Communication function: CAN communication with bus in real time
Insulation detection: Electric insulation detection, The leakage current can be cut off quickly
Standard Compliance: IP rating in Compliance to IEC60529, Dielectric Strength in Compliance to IEC61439
Insulation Resistance in Compliance to IEC61439, Corrosion/Salt Spray test in Compliance
to ISO9227, Short circuit protection, Current leaking protection, IP protection

Interface Specification

Signal Voltage: 21V ~ 28V
Operating Voltage: Up to 800V
Current Rating: DC Up to 250A Per String
Battery String: Up to 4 String
Operating temperature: 40° C ~ 80° C

PDU categories:

Number of inputs: 1 or 2
Number of outputs: up to 5
Voltage range: 500-800 V DC
Current range: up to 250 A per string


Type 2 AC Connector with Open Cable

Article Description Rated current (A) Phase Rated voltage (AC) Power (KW) Cable size (mm) Cable length (m)
011710081 TTEV20A-IP5T2       20      1        250       3.6       2.5         5
011710082 TTEV20A-3P5T2       20      3       480       11       2.5        5
011710083 TTEV32A-1P5T2       32       1       250       7.2       6       5
011710084 TTEV32A-3P5T2       32       3       480       22       6       5