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TRIPRO – Premium Lightning Protection Product

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The TRIPRO excitation advance is obtained by a device named, “ impulse device”. Its principle consists in storing electrostatic energy present in the Atmosphere at a stormy cloud approach, to release the ascending discharge excitation in good time.
This device operates at a stormy activity approach by an integrated sensor which measures the surrounding electrical field value.
It provokes then a polarity inversion of the lightning conductor head, creating a sudden amplification of the electrical field in its tip.

 TRIPRO Features

Consider the energetic parameter to choose the streamer which has the capacity to become an ascending leader

Autonomous and clean energy source : Atmospheric electrical field

Cloud polarity consideration

Head curve radius optimized to reduce the Corona effect and guarantee the excitation device

Functioning warranty in any atmospheric condition

High resistance to the corrosion thanks to its 100% manufacture in 304L stainless steel

In compliance with NFC 17 102 September 2011

Radius of protection
The Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning conductor has been tested in
laboratories in compliance with NF C 17-102 standard protocol.
These tests have determined an excitation advance from 12μs to 60μs with regard
to a simple rod.