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22 MM Series

22mm YW1 series switches pilot devices

YW Series
Innovative Design Enables Space-Saving and Safety With Reliable Self-Cleaning Contacts. A new contact block design reduces the depth of push buttons, illuminated push buttons,and selector switches behind the panel. The new contact blocks are only 10 mm thick, so three contact blocks can mount in one deck.



22mm HW series switches pilot devices

HW Series
IDEC offers its internationally rated 22mm push buttons and pilot devices, the HW series. These IEC style devices feature tamper proof mounting and construction, modular stack able contact blocks with IP20 finger safe screw terminals, and pure silver contacts with a self cleaning action. Models include illuminated and non-illuminated push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches, key switches, mono-levers, push button-selectors, and Emergency Stop switches.



22mm TW series switches pilot devices

TW Series
A traditional NEMA style switch, the TW series features a chrome plated octagonal locking ring that fastens from the front of the panel. Modular  construction with snap-on contacts allows for great flexibility in configuration.



22mm CW series switches pilot devices

CW Series
The IDEC commitment to assuring safety in all operating environments has resulted in stylish, compact and space-saving switches and pilot devices. The innovative two-step locking lever integrated with a guard provides a higher level of safety, and the low projection from the panel surface reduces the possibility of unexpected activation or operator damage. The CW series add a sleek and stylish image to the panel with black or metallic bezels. The shortest depth behind the panel in its class contributes to reducing machine and control panel size.



22mm LW series switches pilot devices

LW Series
Combining the 22mm size of a typical industrial push button with low-level double throw contacts usually found on miniature 16mm switches, the LW Series offers a unique solution to your control applications. IDEC’s exclusive, light touch mechanism is designed to require minimal force and reduce repetitive strain injuries.