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Solderless Terminals Cable Lugs

Solderless Terminals

Solderless Terminals
The special feature of our insulated solderless terminals cable lugs is that closer the connections the more reliable the insulation and the wires are less likely to splice. The plastic insulating sleeves simplify the fittings on to the conductor and the different colours denote the size of the cross sections. The dimensions of the cord end solderless terminals cable lugs correspond to DIN standards. We also have cord end terminals for special applications the twin series which allows two conductors to be compressed in our cord end terminals. Our entire series for cord end terminals works best in conjunction with our Crimping tools which provide the perfect crimping for the connection.



Cord End Terminals(Insulated and Non Insulated) PIN type TWIN type
Ring Type Ring Type(Insulated and Non Insulated) Tubular type(Non Insulated)
Spade Type(Insulated and Non Insulated)
DIN Terminals
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