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Phase Sequence Relays

Phase Sequence Relays(17.5 & 22.5mm)

Trinity Touch offers a best quality Phase Sequence Relay (PSR) or Single phasing preventer (SPP) for protection of three-phase induction motors and pumps against phase unbalance, negative phase sequence and missing of one phase completely from incoming 3-phase supply (single phasing). It is available with trip LED indication and in 22.5 mm and in compact space saving 17.5 mm width. When all the phases are connected in the correct sequence and the measured asymmetry is less than the fixed value, the output relay of PSR switches into on-position. In case of fault condition, the output relay switches into off-position and it will protect the motor by stopping it automatically.

phase sequence relays 17.5phase sequence relays 22.5

17.5 and 22.5 mm
• 3Ø – 3 Wire Input
• Monitors (Unbalancing, Phase Sequence,
Phase Missing)
• LED Indication : Trip & Power ON
• Slim, Space Saving Design
• DIN Rail Mount