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IDEC Force-Guided Relays

IDEC Force Guided Relays

IDEC has been expanding our line of safety products with the launch of RF1V safety relays and SF1V relay sockets, we continue to enhance our safety offerings. RF1V Force Guided Relays offer fast response times to ensure the circuit is able to open quickly for safety. Plus a built-in LED allows for quick and easy detection if power is applied to the relay. RF1V have the requirement in production equipment for automobiles and semiconductors as well as machine tools and industrial robots.

idec rf1v series force guided relays

RF1V Series

• Force guided contact mechanism (EN50205).
• 4Pole (2A2B, 3A1B) or 6 pole (4A2B, 5A1B, 3A3B) models 6A Contacts.
• Built-in LED indicator available.
• Finger-safe DIN rail and PC board mount sockets.