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SMB-1500V DC-Solution

SMB 1500V DC Solution



Electrical Parameters
Rated DC Voltage 1500 VDC
Maximum Current Per measuring channel 30A
Measurement Voltage Supply  9-36 VDC
DC Switch rating 400A
Monitoring Device
Measuring Parameters Input Current, System Voltage, Internal Temperature
Input Current Monitoring 16
Monitoring Device TRICHECK 2.0
Type of Monitoring Shunt
Current Measurement Accuracy <0.25%
Power Consumption <3W
On-board temperature measuring range  0-120°C
Digital Ports 2
Shield clamp for earthing provided Yes
Analog Ports 2
Communication Interface MODBUS RS 485 RTU
MODBUS ID Defined by DIP Switches/ Firmware
Baud Rate 2400bps/ 4800bps/ 9600bps/ 19200bps
Operating Temperature  -10 to 70°C
System Voltage 1500 VDC