Other Enclosures Ancillary

Connection boxes (Junction Box) for charging:

Manage flow of energy between the EVSE and the battery / PDU. A well designed Junction Box ensures a reliable charge every time.

  • Operating Voltage – Up to 1000V
  • Rated Current — 200A
  • Auxiliary NO/NC contact for cover on/off status
  • Connection Terminal Material – Tinned Copper

Connection boxes for PCB housing:

  • To measure High Voltage
  • Enabled Earthing Point
  • Auxiliary NO/NC contact for cover on/off status

High Voltage Switching box:
Compact, robust and reliable high-performance solution to efficiently carry power from the invertor to the compressor motors and other side loads

  • Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
  • Contactor Enabled
  • Operating Voltage – 440V (3 Phase)
  • Auxiliary Voltage range – 21V ~ 28V

Auxiliary control box:
Auxiliary Control box maintain aux. unit supplies for Security Systems, Comfort Systems, Lighting Systems and Information Systems and to help the main system to perform according to the specifications