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Thermoplastic Enclosures

thermoplastic enclosures

Our Basic and Heavy series caters to a market which requires compact and robust enclosures. We use a high quality ABS and Polycarbonate material and provide Ingress Protection IP 66/67 along with protection against mechanical impacts IK 07 for ABS and IK 08 for Polycarbonate.


FRP Enclosures

FRP enclosures

Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP/GRP) enclosures.


Aluminium Enclosures

aluminium enclosures

Our Aluminium enclosures caters to a market which requires high strength, compact and robust enclosures.


Enclosures Accessories

enclosure accessories

TRIBOXTM enclosures have been tested according to the IEC 60529.These are given an international protection (IP) class of protection in the form of a two digit coding shown in the table below. The IEC 60529 standard entails the “second digit to be tested from class 6 upward”,thus the marking of the two digit means that the test has been made for both the levels.