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Simple Lightning Rod

Franklin lightning conductors, which are tappered, have a perfectly slender and attractive point. They exist in nickel/chromium-plated copper and stainless steel versions. They have a standard length of 2,4 m and can be extended by the addition of treated steel or stainless steel elevation rods. These systems do not require guying and can be up to 7 or 8 m long. The tip of 2F Franklin lightning conductors features a solid point of marine bronze or stainless steel.


“Industrial stack” model
This model is only available in stainless steel. The points are bent to keep them out of fumes and corrosive vapours. They are generally used in quantities of two or more, depending on the diameter of the stack.


Not applicable beyond values marked x. Only the fictive sphere and mesh methods are applicable in this case.h is the height of the device above the volume to be protected.”a” is the hall-angle of the vertex of the cone of revolution, defining the radius of protection. Protection levels I, Il, III, and IV are defined by the NF C 17-100 standard.