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Saint Elme Lightning Conductors

The operating principle of the Saint - Elme® lightning conductor is to create free charges (ionized particles and electrons) in the air surrounding the lightning conductor and to create, within a cloud – ground electric field, a channel of high relative conductivity constituting a preferential path for lightning.Free charges are created by the corona effect by applying on the Saint - Elme® lightning conductor’s ionized point(s) the voltage supplied by cells of piezo – electric ceramics (lead zirco – titanate); their feature is to produce a very high voltage by simply modifying the applied pressure.


Saint Elme Active 2 D Lightning Conductors

A first device, named "impulse device" stores the electrostatic energy present in the atmosphere at the approach of a stormy cloud and releases the excitation of the ascending discharge at the right time.A second device, named "power device", collects and stores the wind and / or the solar energy in several strong power capacitors. The Saint-Elme lightning conductor is in this way permanently pre-loaded of an important energy which enables him to support the propagation of the ascendant tracer.


Simple Lightning Rod

SIMPLE LIGHTNING ROD “FRANKLIN” TYPE. Franklin lightning conductors, which are tappered, have a perfectly slender and attractive point. They exist in nickel/chromium-plated copper and stainless steel versions.


Elevation Rod and Fixings

FRANKLIN ELEVATION RODS FOR LIGHTNING ROD CONDUCTORS. Franklin elevation rods, consisting of 2 m elements, nest into each other, avoiding bolting and water infiltration that can cause premature corrosion. These heavy-duty rods require no guying. They are delivered with conductor connecting clamps (stainless steel).


Devices for External Surge Protection

Surge voltage often destroys electronic equipment and systems to a large extent. Damage is not just restricted to industrial and commercial system.