High Voltage Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Trinity Touch has rich experience in manufacturing of power distribution box for industrial application. With 15 years of experience, dedicated skilled technical engineering team for PDU designing as per customer requirement.

PDU supports function converting and power distribution to every systematic unit such as motor, Motor controller, Battery management system, Charging system, DC to DC system, Air conditioning system, Electric steering auxiliary unit and Brake system.
Battery lifespan is longer and maintenance cost of EV is reduced with this unit (Easy maintenance, convenient installation, space saving and reliable electric connection.

Trinity Touch provides a service to turn customer requirement into prototype and prototype into bullet proof solution.


  • Short circuit protection.
  • Current leaking protection.
  • IP protection.

Advantages over competitors:

  • High voltage wire harness.
  • High current and high voltage busbar.
  • High voltage relay and connectors.
  • High current terminals.

Applications: Bus, Truck, Tractor, Off road vehicle and a variety of special vehicles, such as pure Electric, Hybrid, Fuel cell and other new energy vehicles.
Interface Specification:

Signal Voltage: 21V ~ 28V
Operating Voltage: Up to 750V
Operating temperature: -40° C ~ 80° C

Functional description:

Power distribution: Busbar component design, Fast heat dissipation, High energy transmission efficiency
Power distribution protection: Protection with fuse, Electric living parts separated with insulation
material, BMS
Power distribution control: Power distribution control realized by high voltage relay, It make energy conversion more reliability and safety
Current & Voltage data collection: Collector, Auxiliary equipment use more safety
Pre-charge: Power resistance, Inrush Current / Anti Surge
Communication function: CAN communication with bus in real time
Insulation detection: Electric insulation detection, The leakage current can be cut off quickly