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Weather Sensors

Kipp & Zonen

Kipp & Zonen have complete range of high quality instruments for the measurement of solar spectrum.Kipp & Zonen is certified to ISO 9001:2008. Our certified instruments are serviced at ISO quality standards and our calibrations are traceable to the World Standard.



Solar Energy project monitoring is critical for large and small solar projects. Weather forecasting assures efficient production and protects valuable solar equipment from damage from hail and extreme weather. All in one weather stations with integrated pyranometer for project monitoring reduce costs while not sacrificing accuracy. The Lufft all in one weather station assembled from the most accurate individual sensors, the result is a high precision smart sensor. And not just one device for all purposes – we have the right combination for every application. Sensors have open communication protocols SDI-12, MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-ASCII, 4…20mA, UMB + ASCII.


IMT Solar Irradiance Sensor

Silicon solar irradiation sensors offer an economical but robust and reliable solution for measuring solar irradiance levels, particularly for monitoring photovoltaic systems. The design of the sensor element, which corresponds to that of a photovoltaic module,make these sensors ideally suited as a reference for monitoring photovoltaic systems. The spectral sensitivity, which corresponds to that of photovoltaic modules,and the very similar incident angle modifier, enable a precise analysis of photovoltaic yields using measured values from the sensor.


Weather Sensor Mounting Mast

Trinity Touch Solar Mast provides the ideal mounting platform for a wide variety of solar weather sensors along with Data Loggers, Battery Bank & 1 Solar Modules for backup power. It is customized according to your requirement.