Introducing Trinity Touch’s “Solar Vision™” PV SCADA. It is essential to have a low cost reliable SCADA to ensure that maximum yield of a Solar PV plant. Once the sunlight is gone, there is no way to get it back, losing precious yield. The Solar Vision™ SCADA ensures that any problems in the field are notified to the plant operator as quickly as possible to utilise every ray of the sun. With many field instruments, the “Solar Vision™” SCADA guarantees seamless integration and communication with all field devices. With cutting edge Trinity Touch String Monitoring Boxes on site, the Solar Vision™ will pick up every string current,every box voltage, every temperature sensor, every single time.
Maximum transparency & efficient operation thanks to innovative SolarVision™” plant visualization
Solar Vision™” is an efficient and cost effective tool which continuously controls and monitors the solar plants, resulting in lower downtime increasing the Plant’s overall profitability. “Solar Vision™” is developed on the strong and proven Industry Software Platform which provide the flexibility to communicate with the Field controllers via OPC. The software in the control center with all the necessary Data via a TCP/IP network. In this way plant data is available for long term analysis over the service life of the PV Plant. Client access of the data of the SQL Server database insuring no data loss if there is a communication loss between remote clients. Graphical Interface of “Solar Vision™” satisfy the requirement of Investors / Operator / Service Engineer.
Plant at a Glance
“Solar Vision™” visualizes entire plant, blocks, inverter’s & string
monitoring boxes including the associated detail information.
• The plant view shows the block wise separation with overviews
of blocks. Trends and alarms for the plant.
• The block view shows the SMB, Inverter and LT panel details.
• In the static screen important parameter are displayed
e.g. Energy generation, PR, Meteorological data .
• The detail information of devices are displayed in a form
of Pop-UP’s


Solar Vision™” provides the plant & block analysis for important meteorological data vs plant and block performance• PR / Generation
• Irradiance / Generation
• Temp / Generation
• Simulated / Actual


“Solar Vision™” analysis for inverter• Energy normalised
• AC power
• AC current
• DC power
• DC current normalised
• DC voltage
• DC voltage normalised
• Frequency
• Device temp.
• Reactive power
• Apparent power




Options• Complex data analysis & report generation through State of Art Software.
• Remote access by web navigator or web server.• Server redundancy to access multiple clients.

• Email and SMS alert’s.

• Network analysis using SNMP.

• Local data storage on PLC level in form of .csv up to 2 GB.

• SLDC connectivity over IEC-60870-101/104.

• Remote data logging on FTP Server in form .csv.

• Secured VPN tunneling with remote station & PV plant.


The mobile monitoring system to go. With the solarvisionTM App you always have an eye on your solar system and can check and transparently present the energy yield at all times.


• Graphical presentation of the standard performance data.
• Display of parameters of economics.
• Rating functions.
• Login-dependent system selection possible.
• Suitable for iPhones and smart phones with android operating system.
Your Benefits
• Mobile solar system monitoring.
• Visualisation of the energy data for presentation purposes.
• Yield assurance with individual yield analysis.
• Well-known App handling.