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OMRON General Purpose Relays

G2R-S Series

• Lockable test button models now available.
• Built-in mechanical operation indicator.
• Provided with nameplate.
• AC type is equipped with a coil-disconnection self-diagnostic function (LED type).
• High switching power (1-pole: 10 A).




MY Series

• Models with lockable test buttons now available.
• Many variations possible through a selection of operation indicators(mechanical and LED indicators), lockable test button, built-in diode and CR (surge suppression), bifurcated contacts, etc.
• Arc barrier standard on 4-pole Relays.
• Dielectric strength: 2,000 VAC (coil to contact).
• Environment-friendly cadmium-free contacts.
• Safety standard approvals obtained.
• Wide range of Sockets (PY, PYF Series) and optional parts are available.
• Max. Switching Current: 2-pole: 10 A, 4-pole: 5 A.




LY Series

• Equipped with arc barrier.
• Dielectric strength: 2,000 V.
• Built-in diode models added to the LY Series.
• Single-pole and double-pole models are applicable to operating coils with ratings of 100/110 VAC, 110/120 VAC, 200/220 VAC, 220/240 VAC, or 100/110 VDC).
• Three-pole and four-pole models are applicable to operating coils with ratings of 100/110 VAC, 200/220 VAC, or 100/110 VDC).




MM Series

• Easy to mount, wire, and use.
• A large selection of models including various contact forms, DC-switching models, and open models.
• Mechanical life: 5,000,000 operations; electrical life(under rated load): 500,000 operations.
• Models also available with built-in diodes and for use as auxiliary power relays.




MKS Series

• Same mounting and internal wiring as the previous Super MK Relays.
• Built-in mechanical indicator enables checking contact operation.
• Two modes can be used to check circuits for models with latching lever.
• Nameplate provided on models with latching lever.
• All materials are ROHS compliant.
• UL and IEC (TÜV) certification.