Interface Module and Cable Assemblies
Our Interface range consists of relay modules & passive modules with FRC connectors and D Sub connectors from 2 channels to 32 channels. Our relay module range consists mainly of standard DC coil relay cards, is also available with options like fuse and indicators. This also includes the SSR modules and economy modules. We have also introduced relay module with ultra slim relay to compact the size.



Relays and Sockets
Relays are electro magnetically operated switches. An actuating current on a coil operates one or more galvanically separated contacts or load circuits.The electro mechanical relay is a remote controlled switch capable of switching multiple circuits, either individually, simultaneously, or in sequence..



Switches and Pilot Devices
From miniature pilot lights and switches that mount into 8mm panel cut outs through full size industrial switches that mount into 30mm cutouts, we have a switch or indicator for almost any application. Terminations include solder / quick connect terminals, screw terminals, or PC board pins for direct board mounting. Miniature models use snap action gold plated contacts for superior low level switching, whereas larger models use slow-make, double break contacts for switching heavier loads, up to 10A. Many models offer the flexibility of modular construction, which allows you to change contacts, lamp voltages or button colors easily.



A timer that tracks physical quantities or changes using a varying frequency. Unlike digital signals, analog signals easily handle input that is highly variable in quality and quantity. IDEC offers several varieties of multi-range and multi-function timers, with many different models in each series. Choose the right timer based on your timing function, time range, contact configuration and socket needs.



LED Lighting and Signaling
As IDEC continues to move towards a green future, we are excited to announce the “LUMIFA” series of LED light strips, LF1A and LF1B. Utilizing LF1A and LF1B LED light strips give your customers a way to save time, energy and money. Immediate indication of process status is a must in any application. Realize this goal with Signal Light towers that offer 360 degree visibility from any direction or the SLC series panel mounted pilot light.



IEC Contactors
IDEC IEC contractors and starters are designed for switching motor loads, but can be used in many other applications. Like all IDEC products, each model is engineered for long life, minimum maintenance, dependable operation and superior performance.